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Greetings, fellow fans of SM Entertainment! This is a community created specificially for use in talking of the great artists of SM Town... easily amongst the best artists that Music in ANY Language has produced, is producing, or will ever produce. Ramble freely here of the greats such as BoA, Fly to the Sky, Kangta... get nostalgic over the former members who started it all, HOT, SES, Shinhwa... promote the lesser known artists such as Dana, Isak and Jiyeon, Blackbeat... or, speak of the wonderful super-group in the making, Dong Bang Shin Ki.

Any opinions are valid, but do not turn posts into personal attacks, because that's just not nice. If you feel that a person is wrong, that is fine, but state so in a civil manner. Post anything, icons, pictures, album reviews, gush over the new videos... talk about how talentless Shoo is, I don't care!!! This is your outlet for SM, use it as you see fit!